My Personal Struggle With Being Overweight

My Personal Struggle With Being Overweight

October 04, 2017

The reason why I feel my clients get such great results is because just a few years ago, I was in their shoes. Believe it or not I was technically considered "obese" according to my Body Mass Index.

During my freshman year of college, I gained a whopping 60lbs. And no, this wasn't muscle. This was weight that accumulated because of unlimited meals at my college dinning hall, beer and energy drinks. 

I always grew up super tall and scrawny. I played sports year round and stayed very active. But once I gained all of this weight, my life seemed to fall apart. 

Im not joking, it really started to fall apart.

I would wake up unmotivated, not wanting to do anything. I wouldn't go to class, and my grades hit rockbottom. I was places on academic probation through my university and was just on the cusp of getting kicked out. I started making excuses not to go out and my relationships with friends started to deteriorate. 

All of this, along with some other things caused me to become depressed. I went from a decent looking kid with big dreams and charisma to a dude that couldn't get out of bed. 

I dont know what it was, but one day I decided that I had enough of all of it. I decided to change my major to Health & Exercise Science and I became obsessed with the science behind health and fitness. I wanted to learn everything I could about it. I was was immersed in the things I was learning about and as soon as class got done, I would go home and read blogs and watch YouTube videos about similar information.

After going through all these classes and implementing them into my life, I made a drastic transformation in my body. I regained my confidence back and I felt better than ever! 

After my transformation, everything started to change for me. I had women coming up to me for the first time in a long while! Which obviously boosts your mood a bit haha! I was doing well in my classes, I had modeling agencies contacting me, I was placed on a book cover and fitness calendars, MTV contacted me about being on a TV show etc.

Now please believe me, I am not saying all of this to brag. Im really not. I am trying to show you how something as simple as focusing on your health can change way more things in your life than you even know. It's not all about looking good. It's about waking up and feeling motivated. It's about being comfortable in your own skin. It's about having a healthy lifestyle and being able to enjoy every little bit of it.

This was just a quick little rant of mine that I thought I would share with you guys. Please if you have any questions about where to start or what to do, reach out to me at