Initial Changes You Should Make To Better Your Health

Initial Changes You Should Make To Better Your Health

October 05, 2017


At first, the thought of getting in shape and improving your health can be a bit overwhelming. If you aren't super educated in health/fitness, it can seem almost impossible to know where to start. I wanted to put together a quick list of things you can start changing today, that will benefit your overall health and figure. 

Cut Out The Sugary Drinks:

This was the very first step I took a few years ago and I believe it made a drastic change in my health. We are constantly bombarded with opportunities to consume sugary drinks. Anytime we go to a gas station, movie theater, grocery store, bar/restaurant, sporting event etc, we are encouraged to get a drink. 

A few years back I was taking a class called "Survey of Human Nutrition" and the professor teaching the class really drilled into our heads just how bad sugary drinks were for our health. At the end of almost each class as we were leaving he would yell "Dont drink soda!" To add to this, each time a student walked in with a soda or Gatorade he would drill them with questions about what all was in the drink and how it would affect their body haha! I dont know, but for some reason it got to me and I stopped drinking all soda cold turkey.


The results were shocking to be honest with you. Within two weeks almost all of my acne had cleared up and I had lost roughly 8 pounds! Not bad! Keep in mind I consumed soda at least twice a day for a long time prior to this and so my body really responded well to it.



Now if you personally know me, you know that I don't sugar coat things and I am extremely blunt. I think there are too many sensitive people out there and I believe sometimes people need to be told things that they dont want to hear.

However, with that being said, I know how crucial it is to be positive towards yourself when first starting out. When you first start making changes to better your health and you are constantly judging yourself and bashing yourself for not seeing instant changes, it will cause you to go back to your old habits and it will keep you from making any future progress. Be PROUD of yourself for taking steps to better yourself, have some patients and watch as things start to go your way!



I cant stress enough how important sleep is for you. Sleep gets overlooked a lot and there are more and more studies coming out stating that sleep may be the number one most important factor when it comes to overall health.

This is a pretty simple topic. Think about it.. How motivated are you to get things done if you wake up in the morning being tired? Compare that to those days that you got an amazing night of rest and you woke up early the next day feeling energized and ready to get things done! The better you feel when you wake up in the morning and the more energy you have, the more active you will be.


Combat Cravings:

Fighting cravings is one of THE hardest things to do when you first start on your new path of eating healthy. At least it was for me. I would catch myself salivating when walking by the candy isle in the grocery store. Donuts would glare me down at the gas station when I went to get my morning coffee. This is something I REALLY struggled with. 

Instead of giving into your cravings, try finding alternatives that resemble the craving you are having. One thing that I did that made my sweet tooth cravings go away, was I started buying super sweet gum! I would buy watermelon gum anytime I was really craving sweets and believe me when I said it helped tremendously!

Side note: A lot of fitness competitors getting ready to do shows will actually buy the foods they desire, chew them up to get the taste and then spit it out in the trash without swallowing it! This allows them to taste the food they are craving without consuming the calories. This is super unconventional and I don't recommend it...I tried it once and I couldn't get myself to spit the food out haha! 

All you need to do is just start! Get the ball rolling one day at a time. Make small changes here and there and you will be bound to see results.

As always guys, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at and if you haven't already, go check out my online coaching options! I work with all kinds of people and would love to add some players to my team!