Benefits of Hiring an Online Fitness Coach

Benefits of Hiring an Online Fitness Coach

September 14, 2017


Benefits of Hiring an Online Fitness Coach



Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by and continuing to read the blogs that I publish. I have never been much of a “blogger” but seeing that people are continuing to read them gives me a little confidence and I will continue to do them!


I wanted to talk today a little bit more about what it is I do exactly. I have a feeling that not everyone is exactly sure and I would like to clarify some things!


I am an online fitness coach. So what I do is I create customized meal and workout plans for my clients. I take all there personal information (age, height, weight, daily activity levels, basal metabolic rate, food like, food dislikes, etc) and I use that information to create a plan that they can follow and thrive on.


There are many benefits of choosing an online fitness coach over an in-person personal trainer and I wanted to explain to you why that is.




If you go onto Google and search for the average cost of an in-person personal trainer, you will see that it costs roughly $50 a session. The reason that it is so expensive to hire an in-person personal trainer is because the gym typically takes 50% of the cost. Which leaves the trainer with roughly $25 a session.


This means that if you were to hire a personal trainer 3 times a week for 12 weeks, it would cost you over $2500. If you were to hire me as your online fitness coach, a custom 12-week plan would only cost you $199. Much cheaper right?


Nutrition Advice:


Another benefit of hiring an online fitness coach is that we are allowed to give out and create nutrition advice and meal plans to our clients. Gyms don’t allow their trainers to offer nutrition advice because most trainers don’t know enough about nutrition. I am not being rude when I say that! To get certified as a personal trainer, all you have to do is take one test, and on those tests they do not talk much about nutrition at all. Gyms know this and know that their trainers are not certified and don’t have enough knowledge to speak to people about this issue. In essence, it’s a liability for the gym to offer those services.


As a lot of you know, I am wrapping up my senior year at Colorado State University where I will be receiving my Health & Exercise Science degree. And no, this is not a “personal trainer degree”. In my major we get way more extensive with things. We take human physiology classes, exercise physiology classes, anatomy classes, chemistry classes, nutrition classes, population health classes and much more!


My background and education level has provided me with more than enough information to provide nutritional advice and meal plans for my clients. Look at my client transformations…they prove themselves!




The one thing that bothers me the most about in-person personal training is that you are getting robbed! Most of the sessions provided by these trainers are an hour long. By the time you stretch and warm up properly, that only leaves you with about 45 minutes of actual working out. I find that a bit ridiculous.


On my plans, I lay out every single exercise that you need to perform for that day and you get the most out of it! Another plus is that you don’t have some dude staring at you while you are working out. It allows you to relax and focus on the exercise without feeling rushed on time!




When you hire a personal trainer, you show up, you workout and then you leave. That’s it! What happens on the days you aren’t working with him/her? What happens when you go home and have a health/fitness related question that needs to be answered? Nothing! You have to wait until the next time you see your trainer to ask them!


On my plans you get 24/7 access to me via social media or email. I am always on my phone answering questions for my clients and because of this, I believe my clients get better results in less time. Each week my clients send me a weekly update email and we go over what is going well, what isn’t going well, what adjustments (if any) we need to make in order to keep them on track to hit their goals!


These were just a few of the biggest reasons I believe hiring an online fitness coach such as myself is much more beneficial to you rather than hiring an in-person personal trainer. I am extremely passionate about this. I have put a ton of time, effort and money into creating this and it’s truly because I believe in what I do and because I love helping others! Please hit me up if you have absolutely any questions! Like I said, I am always on my phone and/or my computer so it won’t take long to get a response from me!


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