Are Schools and Parents Killing Children Without Knowing It?

Are Schools and Parents Killing Children Without Knowing It?

September 13, 2017

Are Schools and Parents Killing Children Without Knowing It?


Ok maybe the title was a little too much. Unfortunately it’s true… schools and parents (not all) are killing children without even knowing it!




Two words… Childhood Obesity.


Childhood obesity is at an all time high and it shouldn’t be. How is it possible that we as a society are constantly making technological advances in every industry but for some reason we can’t keep our children healthy?


For some reason our health, which is the number one important thing in all of our lives, has some how been neglected. Put on the back burner. Forgotten about.


Childhood obesity doesn’t seem to be a topic of main discussion. It seems to be something that everyone turns their heads to and doesn’t want to talk about.


I blame parents and I blame schools for this issue.


Parents! I get it. You’re too busy juggling work, paying bills, and watching Game of Thrones to feed your children healthy meals right? KFC is right around the corner and it’s much easier than having to fire up that weird looking device in the kitchen that you clearly don’t know how to use… aka the oven.


You don’t want to hear Tubby Tommy cry in the grocery store so you agree to let him chose whatever cream filled, sugar coated, colorful snacks he wants. It would be mean to make your kid eat some veggies wouldn’t it? Nobody wants to be that parent.


Well guess what! You are killing your child by doing this. Allowing your child to create unhealthy eating habits now, will carry with him/her for the rest of their lives.


More importantly, lets talk about the schools! These schools are failing to provide the children with the information they need to live a long and healthy life.


I can promise you that if you walk into your local grocery store and ask kids at random what the difference was between carbs, fats and proteins, they wouldn’t be able to tell you. And even scarier than that…I bet their parents couldn’t either.


Now don’t get me wrong, I think schools do a great job in just about everything else. But how is it possible that the single most important thing in our lives gets skipped over in school?


Children are learning how to do complex math equations in elementary school, but we can’t teach them about health, food, exercise or anything like that? I call BS.


Yes, health gets covered a little later on in school (normally in middle school), but in most cases that’s too late! Kids need to learn healthy eating habits NOW. They need to understand what keeps their bodies running. They need to learn about micro and macronutrients NOW.


The evidence is clear that our approach on teaching health to children is not working. Kids are becoming more and more unhealthy and it’s time we figure it out.