3 Tips For Getting Lean This Fall/Winter

3 Tips For Getting Lean This Fall/Winter

September 11, 2017

3 Tips For Getting Lean This Fall/Winter

Well guys, I am back with another blog! I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue doing these but I was notified last night that one of my previous blogs was in the top 10% of blogs read on the day I published it!


Thank you all so much for taking interest in what I have to say. I will continue to write these as long as you guys read them!


So now, lets get to why you really came here…


Fall is here and winter is coming. With the change in seasons comes cooler weather, football, pumpkin spice lattes, and unfortunately most accompany a few extra pounds during the holiday season! Or as I like to call it “bulk season”… aka it’s cold and I don’t want to hit the gym and damn this beer tastes great.


Regardless of this being the season where most people put on a few pounds, I think of it as the perfect time to get shredded! Why?


Well the first reason is because I want to look like a Greek God in my thrift store Halloween costume. I also want to look incredible for when I go home and see everyone for the first time in months.


Fall and winter is perfect for getting shredded. People use the weather as an excuse not to go to the gym, which means that we have more machines to ourselves. AND we also get a head start on getting lean for summer. We have 9 months to get in shape for summer rather than putting it off and trying to get our dream body in just a month or two!


I understand it’s extremely difficult to get in shape this time of year, so I created a list of 10 things you can do to help you get lean this fall/winter.




1) Get Outside


Don’t use the cooler weather as an excuse to stay inside and fill yourself with those premade sugar cookies with the pumpkins on them. They are pretty good though…and now I am craving them. But seriously, get outside! Fall and winter offer so many fun things that you can do to stay active outside.


Go to a professional football game! Those who have gone know that the walk from the parking lot to the stadium is no small feat! If you live in one of those awful states without a professional team… go to a college game!


Go to the mountain and go skiing or snowboarding. Now this may not be possible for some of you because of where you live. I personally live in Colorado and it’s in our blood to go up to the mountains.


Wherever you live, I can promise you that there are many fun activities that you can do in the fall and winter. Just get outside and move around! We are not bears, so quit using the colder seasons as an excuse to go into hibernation!


2) Watch Out For Seasonal Food


Food manufactures, marketers and grocery stores love the change of seasons! They look forward to this season more than we do I believe! They know that Chubby Charlie will walk into the grocery store and buy a Pumpkin Spice Latte, Halloween candy, stocking stuffers and anything else you throw his way!


For some reason we subconsciously correlate colder weather with sugary food. Believe me, I am no saint, I once consumed two tubes of chocolate chip cookie dough in a single day because it was the first snow of the year. Great excuse right?


By no means am I saying cut out all the seasonal food, not only is that impossible but I believe we need to live our lives and enjoy the great things it has to offer…like pumpkin pies…yum!


All I am saying is just be aware of what you’re consuming. Don’t use these seasons as reasons to fill your body with unnecessary amounts of sugars. Be smart, limit your consumption and “Eat Responsibly”.


3) Hit the Gym


I know, I know, it’s cold and there’s frost on your car windows and you don’t want to get snow on your brand new Uggs… Quit making excuses and get to the gym! Unless you want to look like Pudgy Patricia come springtime I suggest you get in some physical activity a few times a week!


The fall and winter in my opinion are the best seasons to get to the gym. Everyone else out there making excuses stops going to the gym, which in turn leaves way more equipment available for use!


Don’t tell me you have never sweated your butt off at the gym and then walked outside during a cool fall day and felt that rush of cool air against your face! Ok, that may have been a little too descriptive, but it does feel amazing!


Today was a shorter article than normal but I figured since it was Monday you guys had better things to do than read my blog, so I will save the longer articles for later in the week!


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